The tapping of hands over a typing keyboard
like the steady pit pat beat
of tiny moving feet
of a song hummed under a breath
of whispers and laughs not yet had.
I would search the very skys and watch for falling stars
to fix every part of your moonlighted heart.
For fears you’d fall apart, I barely touch you.
Your eyes like field and forest, green and brown your left eye more brown
if you knew the picture i adore of you
not one while you laid asleep next to me
or the last where you set in my room
not even the one that gave me hope and held me out on liking you
that you took yourself.
No my favourite is one of your smile
i mistakenly took while
we ate dinner.
your dimples and curled up mouth
aging you somehow
the stubble you wish would form a beard
begging to be stroked.
I dont think you’ll even now truely,
cause i know i didn’t until you finally...
gave in and hugged me.
i didn’t now,
deep down inside you...
something screamed love me.
But you will never know,
how my own darkness called back,
i’v loved you longer than i’v even now it.

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