So helplessly
Careless to see
The very mournful life
That I have set to leave
Behind the memories I once worn on my tattered heart
Like war wounds heeled over
The broken beaten heart
Tattooed with the lies of men
Worse then you could defend
And I’m past being done now
I’m passed what you’d see as fit
I’m giving up on life and love and dreams that they come with
Pasted the tide of time
Dreamless sleepless eyes
The floor I sleep on no colder then my core
Knowing now
I’m alone somehow
Knowing now
I gave up so long ago
Did you even excise Ray....
Will I ever even know?
And you’d kill yourself if I loved another
And yet you fail to see
You haven’t loved this girl
For you loved the old me
But that girl is buried
With the life I told myself I’d make
Left only a shell of weakness in its place
A shell filled with cement
Locked so tightly shut
I guess a statue is better
Then the idea of a left over husk
I guess a statues better
Then the soft person I became
Life’s left me broken
But I’ll return again

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