You think you know what love is!
You’ll never truly see....
You think its rose tinted pink,
Yet you see in color and we are over.
Before it even starts,
You stated you wouldn’t use me...
yet thats what you did,
you state you love her!
How could you?
Then so easily let me in,
and you claim that she see’s this love?
Oh how it must be so clear!
Well i see like not love which is so hard to find.
These days but now you may delete me,
Oh block me like a child!
Don’t forget to take my photographs down now!
Or shall you keep them to remember this,
think about what might have been.
Oh dearest faith so many times....
How many must i let them play?
Jesus Christ my heart can’t fight the breaking not again, no more.
Stop sending Starving wolves to this red riding hoods door...
Then you appear, have you come back for more, injured I still smile.
Starving for more, we try?
You take my heart from my shaking hands claim its ok
And the next day you’re gone.
No goodbye, you need time?
Still the cunning fox I am I play your game of cat and mouse.
Out smart the big bad wolf that I will.
I’ll act so close... be your very best friend
And soon when you miss me you’ll want me back.
Too soon I see I adore you but again you don’t want this do you?
Don’t you even no? A wolf can’t den with a fox.
My home is here and you may not like that,
So now pretend i’m not here.
Not real.... Just a teddy bear when you need it.
Well wolf.... we shall see.
Time passes, i’ve moved on.
You show up in Dublin missing your red riding hood?
If only you wouldn’t...
You shouldn’t have left me, but i’m cunning.
You claim you try to see how I was after you broke me.
I’m fixed, my pieces finally fit.
I did it for a half a year!
Starved of men I used to fear..
Being alone but i was on my own.
And I fixed my heart right from the start I worked away living and loving each day.
Goodbye wolf number one...
For now this fox’s hunt is done.


Wrote about an ex who was actually a friend, his mate asked me out, he then blew me off so he admited his mates wherent worth my time he was in a relationship then and when he broke up with her admited he'd liked me (which was great cause he was actually the lad i had fancied outta this group of guys...) he robbed a car =P drove 2hours to my house we just set around laughing and feel asleep on the couch in my parents sitting room, he asked me to go out ith him i said yes, by the time he got home he broke up with me as his ex had came back to him (they where together 4 years) it hurt but i let him go. A month later he said he missed me he broke up with her (she cheated at that time i didnt no that, i assumed he'd dumped her stupidly for me) we were together again for two weeks one of which he stayed in mine with me, i was ill so he looked after me...he asked me to move into his appartment i said i'd visit. Less then 2 dyas later he need "time and space" months later he showed up in dublin(the city i live in sometimes =P) and text me saying he needed to see me he was worried about me i text him saying i didnt live there (i'd moved) and that i was fine so he didnt need to see me.... trust me when i say i give three chances but i couldnt give him that last chance....he hadnt earned it.

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