Working 12-8 or 9-6
Can’t handle this
13 hours atleast a day
I spend travelling or working away
Heavy heart
Filled up brain
You think we are all the same
I work away for a bit more pay
Yet you act like I’m just another piece
I know I’m not as pretty
As the girl they’d like to replace me
But I work hard
From the start
Up at 6 or 8
Out by 7 or 9
Home by 8 or 10
Days don’t stop
They start over and over again
And all I can think about is
How my house is no home
Just another job
Just another room to be alone
Just another time to think about how I wish I could reach you on the phone
We should be making a house feel like a home
This job was just for us to keep us going.
I don’t think I can push on through this on my own.

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