Sickly little lies,
wrapping me in.
You made me tongue tied,
with your “minding”.
Mixed up fixed up little world,
that you think you’re in.
Fixed up tripped up little ride,
that I’m getting off, you cant win.
(I was but no longer struggling)
And I might lose and I might fall,
(oh god help me)
and I might not dream but i see it all.
(won’t you save me)
And I cant live in this world.
You built it up,
I have no words.
(give up)
Cause I’m done and I’m leaving,
and I’m done never been so beaten...
You better run cause now im angry as hell.
And if i get you, you’ll be far from well!
So use those fake wings you claim you flew on in,
cause if I get you i’ll drag you down.
(you’re drowning out)
the sky cant save you in my sea now,
its all a lie i wont be around.
(sucking the life from you now)
Cause when Angels fall they fall hard,
and baby I did’t lie at the start...
but its long past then and there isn’t an again
cause when I’m gone you might think you can.
I’ll never be back,
we aren’t friends.
I loved you the most,
this is my new start no pretends.
So you wanted the dark,
wanted to fill you up,
(take a sip from the devils cup)
leave it to me,
i’m the dark you loved.
(now all alone, you’ve lost our eternal love)

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