You promised me I don’t play
But I guess I didn’t hear
You walked away
Guess it wasn’t quite clear
When you asked me to visit
And I took that offer up
Guess I didn’t miss it
Just fucked and outta luck
Cause darling
You broke me
For the last time in my life
I’m done crying
I forgive you
For making me cry
When you lie
And told me
I was special I should of seen
That deep down all you boys do
Is lie
And while I’d like to pretend
That big girls can’t cry
Every nights mean tear filled
Pretending I don’t know why
When really
I’m feeling
Black and blue since you left
No judgement you give me
Nothing not even respect
Cause you can play it off like your the nice guy
But I see you clear
You’re just another fuck boy
That is getting out of here!
So pack up your bags
Take your cardigan too
I don’t want my roses
Dead like this relationship with you
How could you be so cruel
To breath me back to life
How can you be so untrue
Blame your head but it’s a lie
And how special I must be
Cause after it lasted a month you left me
And now all I have is photos
I wish I didn’t take
I should of went with my head and left you on the first date

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