Romance, stupid fights and lies.

While you might sit and wonder, I’m here not a ponder.
On these shoulders rests a sorry head.
And I’m alone now.
On my own now.
And your asleep tucked in bed. But do you know how i feel?
Well i guess i’v lost my sex appeal!
Can you feel this pain I know its real....
And when they said love hurt i didn’t dare ask,
But love like this i longed to last!
And do you know...
How much I love you so.
With ever beat of this broken heart it ticks like a clock,
Old and stale, it was once so broken and frail.
Do you know I use to wait,
Watch out my window and pray.
That you’d come into my work even if it was just to say
How much you hated me....
And when you finally “stalked” me, it was then that i seen.
Its a fine line between hate and faith.
The first time you asked me out i didn’t even dress for a date.
Did you know...
I never meant what I said.
If you knew I thought this was nothing at the start
that was until you fixed this broken heart.
And now I’m sad and blue,
I’m crying yet again over you...
And you say you need to think.
And I was wrong to ask this i bloody no, but can’t you see?
I asked to save you and me.
With all these stupid fights, with all the sad lies!
You flirt right in front of my eyes....
Don’t blame me...
Its not my fault you’ll see.
And you don’t know what happened when you where gone!
This is making me remember I was strong.
And your loving arms wouldn’t let me go, but now you’ll still go.
.... You wont even lend me your hand, I can sit naked and you yourself wouldn’t “stand”....
And i’m young and you’re getting older,
and maybe its age that’s making you grow colder.
But yet you blame me still...
Your on a sex site and I find this unreal.
Do you know the hell iv paid, i’m past being blamed.
If you knew what i would do for you and yet.... will you regret.
And if only I knew.....
You where just being you,
If only i’d trusted.... and i thought you where busted.
I’ll admit i thought you had been a cheat,
but what was i to think....
and this stupid fight wasn’t down to that but yet you bring it up.
Let the past be just that,
What will become of our pet rats?
Its just my luck.
All i want is to live, all i have is what i give.
Why can’t you just be the men i fell for... its like its not you anymore.
Finally i’m feeling like i know i’m out the door.
Just to know, if you’ll love me or let me go.
I’d be happy just to know....


Do you ever fall so madly in love you start to live with someone you have things that aren't yours or his anymore they become ours. And when you have a serious fight you just think jesus whats going to happen. I hate fighting, as im never a good reader of emotions, i never know if this is the end or if its just another stupid fight over the last word.

Romantic, Romance, Fights, Couples, Cheating, Break-up

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