You my love,
you my dimond in the rough
you gave me up
you are so selfish it seems
yu couldn’t care less about me
you pick a drink over your darling daughter
pick drugs over your dearing mother
you pick and pick and pick t this life
giving it back nothing in return!
you pull out pieces pretending life is hard
when frankly you just havent been in the shit iv seen!
Yes you are going through crap
yes you will end up in a living hell
but you my love where the one to jump after you fell
So drink awy the sorrow
drugs keep you happy until its tomorrow
but know this now and i’ll make it clear
i’m only here because gods told me im needed here
if not for the magnetic pull we have
if not for all this love i’v gave...
id walk away right now
cause honestly
i can now see how
selfish you are
your just the someone to finally
eat this sweethearts love it seems.

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