About hurt and hate after the "break up"

Breath it in, let the smell fill your nose.Let me whisper the chorus that nobody knows.
Can you taste it or smell it?
It’s so sour and salted.
Breath it in, the wasteland smell.
Taste the Aluminium taste of lies here we go again.
Bitter yet spiced somehow it’s never quite right,
So you bring me to this place of lost causes,
How quaint, I’m just another of the fallen.
Hear them as they fall burning marks that will last oh so long.
Bitter sweet ashes criss-crossing pathways
Couples lingering tasting sin half ways.
And yet I wonder walk through and pounder
What the hell is this place, smoulder I shudder.
Unbroken unspoken this life hell its choking
Not liking fighting not flighting sinisterly sweet this place inbetween
Love and lust, hate and trust
It’s just so murderous!!
Yet here we are fighting with little pink hearts,
Here we are breaking them jar by jar.
Superstitious bitch’s, Follow pellets to the place.
Stupid bitch’s lie with their legs laying open, calling men in like a siren from the sea.
Well that ain’t me! Hold on dear virtue.
I pray for this what we all will go through.
But only then do I see
The males weren’t prey but the predators it seems,
So many walk on these paths.
Not once lifting a foot on the shards of glass.
Hold me close, whisper sweet lies.
Hold me once, then say your goodbye.
I don’t need you,
You’re just another line.
This paper I bleed through,
It’s high time.
Just say sorry don’t you worry,
Just forget me all in a hurry.
I wasn’t hurt.
Sure I was injured.
I wasn’t hurt,
Yet these burns still linger.
Open wide,
Take a look inside.
This heart it was beaten.
Did you notice when we were sleeping?
I’m alive, I’m bright pink inside
But sure don’t you worry you’re not worth this last line.


This poem is actually about a lot of trouble i had with men, i was abused and used and beaten by an ex who i let get away with it for too long. This poem is kind of the emotions i felt about thinking i was getting into this amazing relation ship and actually seeing after that it was nothing but garbage.

Love, Hate, Lust, Anger

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Cory Garcia
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