(Your one of them? Oh what a waste)- some guy when I got offended by the fact he said he'd like me to be in his kitchen....

I’m strong,
Even when fallen.
Iv been dragged, bitten, pulled to pieces
I have been through the struggles of abuse, rape... broken ribs black eyes.
The trials of love and hate.
I’m like so many women out there.
Yet I’m also so different that my story is personal.
It gives me personality and wit,
Gives the charms so many claim to see.
And I hate when people advise me to “hold your head high”
Or how much “worse” life could be.
Cause they have no clue,
To how bad people can push and pull you.
How my heart has been robbed and broken.
Thrown to dogs that when left choking, by the lack of meat left in the very organ that’s meant to keep me alive.
Yet somehow I strive...
How my mind is broken from, the amount of fights and the “I know I was rights”.
For the times it flipped out at my heart for beating, when it seen the men I should of been leaving.
And just like every women out there I’m here.
I survived this “life”.
To drag my feet running, screaming, kicking me.
Trying to show what I’ve gone through, by working a 9-5 trying so hard to show iv been to college.
I know law and business science and animal care to name a few.
I’m a person who has full blown fears of one day noticing that the job I fought to get isn’t worth the amount of stress.
That builds up in every cell,
From this our living version of hell.
I’m a women who loves a man, who wasn’t even here to hold.
I can barely live my life on the money I earn,
yet the time I spend getting to work is killing me as I’m lacking sleep.
Don’t even get me started about the state of my health.
My psoriasis, asthma, hernia, IBS that one illness they still haven’t giving a name.
And of course my pcos! (That’s the best)
The one that might very well prove, that I can’t have the family I thought I was running through this life for.
Working towards....
I’m a women,
Like so many others.
I’m not here to be judged for your “greater good”.
I’m here not to just find love!
I’m myself.
My very own person.
Who just like you...
Has pushed and pulled and been stood on but still climbed to reach for every star I can see.
Even when the brightness of that light blinded me.
I’m a women...
But that doesn’t mean you know me....
No man is above or below me.
For I’m a women like so many after and before me.
And we are here baring the wounds of a battle we are barely through.
A battle of proven we are just like you.

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