I’m so over, it should have ended last night.
I wont roll over, but i’ll give up this fight!
And i’m so sick of seeing you as something you have never been,
you never where my knight in shining armour now i see!
And i wish you would just give up,
and get going.
Take the tramp with you,
she’s diseased right on through....
No matter what you say...
One day i’ll be brave enough to walk away.
And you just sit there and steer into space,
and she came out one day and she was lucky to get away!
Shes rotted to the core, no wonder few adore.
Her bitter taste, her thin tiny horrible skeleton waist!
And she tried her best to push me down and she barked orders at you like it was sound.
She can take the fucking dogs and take you on the walks for all i care, i’m just sick of her being here...
between us, we have enough drama for an operatic show,
I don’t need your dramatic horrible friend in my life not never not now!
And she is out for blood, ask her why!!
Bet she’ll just deny.....
How she thinks i sedated her over rated ´dating life.
I’v given up i’ve no tears to cry.
Just let me get up the courage to tell you goodbye.
And i bet she’ll just be friends until we are doe she only drools over your tools when i’m there you two are never alone.
Unless you want it, just cause she needs to flaunt it.
Takes her drug filled body cause my body is just fine,
the dimensions of her stick frame hasn’t half as much muscle as mine.
And i may be round in places, but i’m just fine.
Take you and her away, i’ll be fine.... in time!
Just need to straighten out the blinders and see....
You where never going to pick her over me.
But this here won’t be....
cause honestly, this time i need bitch myself back to being me!

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