I never really knew how hard it was this getting over you.
After you left i left you to go.
When you came asking how i was i was angry betrayed i didnt want to be hurt anymore.
After you no one as caring has come.
I’v hidden the words about you deep inside myself.
When i went to fix my once again broken headboard,
it reminded me of how we broke it first.
How ill iv been reminded me of how sick and depressed i was the first time you left...
and how you came back sending sorry puppy dog eyed pictures,
with note stating how you made mistake’s.
And a box of lucky charms....
You reclaimed me as your own again straight from the start.
When you came the first time you robbed a car for me! This second coming i thought i was over you, yet you still liked me.
In fact I was merely gaurding my heart.
I miss the late nights i miss sleeping when we like, dressing rarely.
Have sex several times in the day so much so my friends would ring before knocking.
I missed having a man to play COD with who would let me fail at trying to re-enter the world of gaming.
Most of all i miss the fact you cared.
Cared so much you feared me...
Ask me “home” but throw away my key dear lost wolf.
Only know can i see what or how you didnt at all play me.....
you are gone, and i am left only now
undertsanding only know after you have left,
am i left wanting.
Wanting more then you can fill, this hole is bigger then there attemped will.

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