Are we looking for the higher power
Sending us messages knowing all answer
I dunno when it’s dark and I pray to the ceiling
Pretend religion and faith are the same thing
And I don’t know where I’m going
Or why I bothered getting up
All I really know is how I’m finally giving a fuck
And I think it’s funny how someone can change your view
Like added glasses to you
And I fall so fast and hard
At the start I always seem to do
And for a while I’d felt nothing so many know its true
Men come and go and I didn’t really care
Claiming that they’d love me
Begging to be here
But all I want right now
Is that accent of yours to shut up
And all I want is for you to kiss me like you thought you never would
And I dunno much
I dont know enough
But there’s a spark like one lost,  familiar
Like a taste I tasted before
And finally I feel familiar that this is knocking on my door
And finally I see it
Like a fog lifted clear
That cheeky smile tall thin tattoo guy
With the amazing eyes
You are different than what I know
But something changed long ago
When I threw away a blonde haired boy
And grew attached to someone so coy
Miles away from me you are but I still wait from a far until iv your hips under mine
I’ll be here waiting I’ll be fine
Just sitting here until the time
When will you be a disciple of mine

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