I think I died,
Some time ago.
I’v never lied.
If only that was so.
But truth  be told,
I’v always loved you.
As sad as this is,
I’m done with fighting.
So state you told me i’d see you for just a day,
That’s alright.
Couldn’t be bothered to state you’re lying,
I’ll get showered and dress. Leave you alone for some rest.
Last night for you I dared to look my best.
And now I feel shitty, Well ain’t that a pity?
Many a man would love to see me like I am.
Yet I think it’s you I just try too hard to please.
And if only you knew how this man talks to me,
who is as fiery as the passion I once had.
And I tell him the truth that I love you,
But that i’m at a lost....are you a lost cause??
And I told him i’m not through with you,
and he thanked me for putting him in his place.
Yet still agrees one day he’ll want more then this friend I am....
And I say “I don’t know where i’m going, i just know where i am now”
But really its showing that i’v given up some how.
I wont text! I wont write!
I’ll see you Saturday i’ll even stay the night.
But if you want me, Jesus Christ. Put up a fight.
Be the man I see inside.
You look at me in a different way.
I know iv changed on the outside,
But can’t you see, its still just me.
I can’t help the problems i have,
You want kids, that’s grand.
But i’m still young, I dunno how my bodies oh so wrong.
I take my tablets to fix me inside and the change my body so one day I can bare a child.
Just like you wanted,
but now i’m haunted by the version of me you loved.
Curves for my tattoos to hug.
But now this stretched skin on my tubby.
You look at me so funny.
And if i could change, i’d not do it.
This is me and if you’re through with it....
I’ll fight.... but if its not right.
Then simply tell me you’re going.
Just know... I’m in love with you....and its never stopped growing.
But i can’t do what i’v been doing.
So i’m going back to start.
When i could rip your heart apart.
Call me or text me... I won’t be the first to break.
I’ll be out having fun. Being Sweet me.
Put up a fight.... Get me back to this point.
In life.... when you could of had me as your wife.


This poem is basically on how i put so much into love but how when do men just rely on me to always be there. I'd never cheat or lie to someone i love but i'll be damned if i'd lie down and die.

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Cory Garcia
about 6 years

:) I hear you :)You said you don't know if he loves you...I am merely trying to find a way (from my own nature and experience) to tell if he loves you...If I wanted to please someone and they asked me to do something I had never heard of or thought of... would I do it?... Well let's say I enjoyed doing it but I was not adept at it and felt anxiety... thus I am out of my comfort zone...In that state it is easier for you to gauge my love for you... love is about mutual edification... if I am willing to go out of my comfort zone for you and you can see and feel that I care for you as much as for myself... that shouts love...You want to know if he loves you... get him out of his comfort zone and see how he reacts to you.When a man loves a woman he wants to please her... if he feels anxiety and does it anyway (say dancing) then you know he is into you...If he signs you both up for dance classes what would that tell you...I'm not sure how else to convey it other than people change... if you want something long term its you and your partners ability to value each others wants and needs as much as your own.Being outside of your comfort zone is a good thing... that's were life happens :)I personally love a woman who is a constant challenge for me... as long as she keeps it fun ;)

Alexis Faye
about 6 years

I beg to defer i dont think we need treaining i think experience moulds us but it doens't change us or tell is to act in another way, while this is true love mean sometimes sacrifice of your own wants, but if you need something they shouldnt be put aside. Reassurance isn't something we want but something we somethings just need.

Cory Garcia
about 6 years

Not like a dog dear one lol... we all need training... I have been trained to do a great many things :)Warrior... Poet...Just because they won't always want to do something doesn't mean it will be any less enjoyable for you when they do... quite the opposite...You don't know what you don't know lol

Alexis Faye
about 6 years

Oh he says he loves me every day i see him. People use the word love freely though, although he wouldnt be caught dead saying it to anyone. He's 36 so i refuse to be a child. He just needs to know i'm not going to always be here if he doesnt try to keep me. I'd do anything for him... he knows that! Like example i wanna go camping (he wanted to a few weeks ago but he was let down) so i said last week lets go camping and he didnt bother. I wouldnt train a man, as you can train a dog for shows it doesnt mean they will always do as they are told. People are themselves if his feeling shave changed then thats life! The other guy has been a friend for years although we have always been there for one another and many a time he's explain he likes me (inclduing tonight when i'd to tell him i wasnt going to express my feelings when i'm with someone i do love) At the end of the day no one can truely say how something will end up =] But thats ok.

Cory Garcia
about 6 years

I like fighters... love the passion... I would never fault anyone for being loyal or for giving their all for love... sounds quite wonderful...Loves you or not... hmmm that's a tricky thing really... find what he has difficulty doing (not so good at) and if he tries for you then he loves you... that doesnt mean he is right for you... but it would mean he loves you...Example:
Doesnt say I love you easily but his actions definitely show it... then just ask him and tell him you want a direct answerDoesnt show it but says it... tell him you want more than talk... If he is akward train him lolActs selfish and puts himself first... tell him you want him to do something solely for you...Anyway if you want to know if a guy is into you get him out of his comfort zone and see what he reveals to you.Happy hunting

Alexis Faye
about 6 years

\thats it cory! I'm at a cross roads but at the end of the day we have many way we can do. Never have cheated or lied to a man i loved. I'm too honest! I've a bf i love (if he loves me or not!i'm unsure) but until someone ends something its worth a fight.

Cory Garcia
about 6 years

I like it... love the note... never cheat or lie... lay down and die... spoken like a wolf though you claim the fox or it has claimed you ;)Love the passion...Thats the cool thing about art... when you go through hell you can still create something worth creating...


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