Sleeping in this rain

I breath in a sigh.
A wimping whisper of why?
So many men message me,
Sorrys and I reply don’t worries.
Ex’s that I didn’t really long for and know now I never loved.
Exs dropping into work....
When all I want is you to walk through the door.
But you won’t come!
And I’ll work on.
Cause you have been gone...
For so longer then this week I’m claiming.
You choose the course?
No one can tame you!
You might be out with another girl, yet I can’t blame you. (actually I do cause I’d never pick another over you)
I told you I had to go,
But you should of known you needed to pick.
I linger longing loving you still...
You choose the drug filled prick.
You will inhale and inject all into yourself, not once thinking of the people who give love to you.
You claimed I was your one yet my lost love you have gone.
I’m left being just a last scene...
Just another lover.
Lost in the life of others.

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