Christmas With A Bang

On the Christmas night
When the full moon rose
I felt a chill
From my head to my toes
And deep in my heart
I got an eerie feeling
That something was watching,
Spying, and peering.
So I latched the windows
And checked the door,
Jumped in my bed,
I was scared to the core.
What could be watching
And peering at me?
There was nothing in the room,
Except me and the tree!
With tinsel, glitter,
And ambient light,
It shined and twinkled
Like a star in the night.
Then I spied near the top,
Two Piercing Blue Eyes
Which took me to shivers
And whimpering cries.
Well, my courage slowly rose
And from my pillow came the gun.
How many could there be?
Ah, I’ll shoot every one!
I’ll fire a barrage
Across the width of the tree,
That should get them all
Be it one, —- or even three.
Stick-um-up you varmints
I got rounds in this gun
If you don’t come out soon
I’ll Shoot everyone.
Ho, Ho, Ho, I am coming out
Just take it easy, —- SON.
Don’t you shoot old Santa Clause
With that blasted gun!
Well there he was in his Santa gear
Red Suite, Black Boots, White Trim.
I could not help my childish self,
I jumped out of bed and ran to him,
But the gun went off as I crossed the floor
And I shot him in his Gifting Sack!
Then Santa said, “Naughty List!
Ho, Ho, Ho, I won’t be back!”
So off he went in his sky bound Sleigh
Yelling at the top of his voice,
"We’ve got to stop at Wal*Mart next
Ho, Ho, Ho, we’ve got no choice!
It seems we’re short of presents needed
Thanks to Wing-nut and his gun!
That’s the fourth, so far, tonight
And the night has just begun."
D. Thurmond / JEF  —-  11-30-2-15


Humor with Santa.

Santa a humorous in light.

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