On the Seventh Month

She insisted on Caramel
And Peanut-butter pastries,
Either by the box, or by the pound.
And a Walnut, pistachio, lemon cake
With a very thick malt
To wash it down.
She had to have
Apple-butter, or Raspberry, scones
And a Ham and Cheese, double layered, wrap.
And could I get
A Pineapple and Artichoke Pizza?
(Oh my God, that really sounds like crap!).
I told her that I had drove around for hours
That I found nothing
That she was hungry for
I handed her a cold chilly-dog
And she said, “Thanks,
I’m not hungry any more.”
D. Thurmond / JEF


A pregnant woman is hungry! What to do?

A hungry! is pregnant woman

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