This today begins it all
The day my world begins to fall
Move aside and watch the ball
Rolling down the hill so tall
Wishing you could see it all
So lovely the destruction of the fall
A new plot for me to write on
New beginnings make me uneasy
Strangely though this makes me happy
Just can’t see where it’s taking me
To the land or to the sea
Frowns and groans all around
Not a smile to be found
Everyone pissed that I’m moving on
No kinds words from anyone
A leap of faith they always say
As long as faith takes you to their gate
Throw praises to their face
Make them known for their work so great
I refuse to live like them
Although it leaves me without a friend
With God as guide I’ll see it to the end
This is what I call faith my friend
I do not wish to fight anyone
I just don’t wish to sing your song
Even though mine is not so lovely
Maybe if you truly cared you would actually help me
Write the chorus and find a melody
Yeah but I know fame is your enemy
Steals form you and make you unhappy
Me, I’m just trying to find me
With each line I find the true me


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