I saw my doppelgänger
Early this morning
When I woke up
And started shaving
He looked exhausted
And got much older
Life must’ve been harsh
Like the world’s on his shoulder
Years ago when we’re younger
We used to look alike
But the years were unkind
Now I’m just glad he’s alive
But years from now
I’d look just like him
I hope we’ll both be ready
When our eyes grow dim!!!
© F Aparici       07/14/2016

In our mind's eye, there resides a younger version of ourselves. It's like we refuse to age and we try to hold on to our youth. Alas! we have to look at the mirror sometimes.

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Nelson D Reyes
over 4 years

Our trusted friend in the mirror will always be there for us.
Our sounding board, he listens, always. There snoring with us,
in the dream with us, wakes us up during nightmares. He'll outlive us and incarnate to another of our flesh doppelgänger in another time in a parallel universe far, far away.

Nice meeting you Francis. Heart this one!

over 4 years

Yes, that's a tender hope that my doppelganger will go to some faraway universe in the far distant future, LOL.

Thanks for liking Nelson,

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