Heav’nly Treasures

With His mighty hands
Built the grandeur of nature
For us to enjoy
The wren’s cheerful song
God’s soft and tender whisper
To say we are loved
Pitter patter rain
Flow’rs trees patiently await
Life-giving showers
The gentle night breeze
Cools heat from the summer day
Tonight’s pleasant rest
Sunshine early morn
Warmth from the lingering chill
Let the day begin!
Sweet smile from a friend
Hugs kisses from those you love
Make the day worthwhile
Uncontrolled laughter
Friend’s joke that you can’t repeat
You will anyway
Familiar faces
Smiles from the computer screen
Zoom prayer meeting
Short list life’s simple pleasures
In these times heav’nly treasures
Brighten our spirits each day
Until the plague goes away
© F Aparici


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