Rain and Quake

For many days, it’s been raining
The floor’s wet the roof’s been leaking
Basins buckets quickly filling
Bad weather still continuing
But then the ground started shaking
The pictures on the wall rattling
Plates and glasses falling breaking
Under the table they’re hiding
In nearby streets water rising
Earthquake debris the winds lifting
Smaller aftershocks kept coming
Light fixtures began flickering
Intense fears they started praying
That they survive what’s happening
Hope to wake tomorrow morning
For one more day keep on living
Sisters, brothers every sibling
Mothers, fathers, began calling
Aunts and uncles; who are missing?
Concerned about their well-being
All night, the endless hours passing
Relief, no bad news they’re hearing
The flood waters now receding
No more shocks no more shaking
At last dawn everyone’s resting
Soon day comes, sun will be shining
For one and for all God’s blessing
Skyward they pray in thanksgiving!
© F Aparici
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