Someday...  someone…
Will wander into your life
She’ll rock your world; turn it upside down
She’ll put an end…
To all of your emotional strife
Put a smile on your face; obliterate the frown
Someday she’d come…
But she will tread lightly
She knows your heart’s damaged; your emotions raw
She’ll lift your spirits…
She’ll embrace you tightly
Shower you with affection; and never let you go
Someday...  someone...
Will come and make you see
That life’s worth living; even if it wasn’t before
And on that day…
You’d realize as clear as it could be
Joy and happiness are real; not just a metaphor
© F Aparici  1/31/2013


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over 5 years

Thank you...

Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

She is there waiting for you. Nice poem.

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