For all the mornings I open my eyes
And see the glorious golden sunrise
I’m thankful!
For the mornings I wake up next to you
And realize fairy tales do come true
I’m thankful!
For your bright smile, your sweet voice
That a lifetime with me, was your choice
I’m thankful!
For all the times I whispered I love you
Your eyes glow as you say you love me too
I’m thankful!
© F  Aparici

Written day before Thanksgiving 2017. For my wife and sweetheart.


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Nelson D Reyes
almost 3 years

All we need - to be loved and be in love! Nice and romantic and a good morning to start a new day. Like. Thanks Brod.

almost 3 years

Thanks for liking Brod. Sim loved this poem, I wonder why LOL.

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