Today, we build the stage
out of cinder blocks.
We’ll use a stick for her scepter
and a sheet for her cape.
Intertwined honey suckle vines
made into a crown.
Tomorrow, it will be my turn
to hold the scepter
and be crowned
queen of the day...
I will walk around the yard
as if it is my own kingdom
and wear my cape
like the Queen of England...
Acclaimed Pageantry,
sometimes a Play,
in the parts of our vicinity,
our judges and audiences at bay...
Snippets of memories shared
with a long-time characters in our Play...
Oh how refreshing to escape
mundane chores of the day!


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about 4 years

plays are like bouquet

J Ann Crowder
over 4 years

These kind of games were my favorite as a child. Brings back memories.

Parker Jennings
over 4 years

What a celebration of childhood and imagination. Well done

over 4 years

thank you! :-)

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