Temptations exude, bleed out
On to the carpet which I call my life
Conscience distorted
Lust evident
Yet one thing remains
Life tilting
Bursting through the safe
Lies become exposed
Spirit pierced
It hurts
The end, no where close
Time and endurance become one
Yet one thing remains
Nothing the same
No looking back
No picturesque scenery on the back road
No where to go but up
Nothing to do but move forward
Pain intensifies
Strength begins to run out
Peace fades
Yet one thing stands
Spirit cleansed
Process complete
New appearance
New life
Nothing left
Love stood
Feet scorched
Sweaty palms
Freedom reached


freedom, endurance, love, hope, positive, open, heart, trust, emotion, depth, joy

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Cory Garcia
over 7 years

:'-) life is a constant process of death and rebirth... all things newwell done :)

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Cory Garcia

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