It’s like there is a whole part of ourselves that we can not touch much less live in
We crave love and endearing attention but do not know how to obtain
So we dream
We long, that one day fate will lean towards our direction
That the collection of doubt and the reality of our imagination won’t seem so real but the beauty in our hopes will be
We scream, “love me” “believe in me” not knowing that shouting it into apathetic (unwilling) ears will go unheard
Laying low our heads, knowing the reality of it all we will not dare speak of
Wishing that the world inside of our head would boldly and brute like crack open our skull so that we may live in it
Because in daydreaming we only get to create and watch and unfortunately still being an outsider
Still a world we can not touch much like the reality we would dare not claim to accept.
Hiding from issues of past and present
Not willing to get outside of ourselves
Stuck in brains we use but 10% of
Stuck in a brain with doors we still have yet to unlock and discover
Much like the reality we refuse to make the most of
Much like the reality we wouldn’t dare grab a hold of and take control of
No, we wouldn’t dare
And sadly, we are ok with our despair,
For the sake of a dream fate might not spare


One of the intros from the album by AJ Biggs entitled "She Loves Me Not"

Real, truth, true. Reality, hope, sake, make, dream

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