Trying to close it,
Forcing the hidden to keep still
Pleading with the revealed to put out the lit secrets
Warning the exposed to come back into isolation
But yet they bleed
And the red gush is too bright to be hidden
Too exuberant to be cleaned up
And just like that it becomes far too late
The hiding  place is no more
Treated as nothing
As if there was no tattered heart underneath
Like the blood underneath the ruins
Blood runs
Pours out
Safe is nonexistent and comfort no more
Is it for her own good?
Will she learn from these mistakes?
Only time may tell
Blood runs
But soon evaporates
Wounds hurt
But soon heal


pain hope despiration

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james matthew coleman
over 7 years

Again, love this piece!

Janaviya ♡
over 7 years

thank you so much for reading!

Janaviya ♡
over 7 years

thank you!

james matthew coleman
almost 8 years


Cory Garcia
almost 8 years

Wow! Great job!!

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