By J Ann Crowder

There was a vermilion sky kissing ultramarine waters
We sat on ebony sands in search of bloodless sea shells echoing
We baked beneath a sun’s valiant furnace
Our skins bronzed a light, tropical honey
For several moons we met with morning horizons streaming off photones smoldering on a visaged ball of nuclear fusions
Warmth bounced off milky tides slapping the ebony sands sparkling and balmy like hot pumice beneath our feet
We greeted giant sea turtles and followed them into sultry waves
Waves transformed into the ocean's heart; they ever swayed our arms and knees
Thus we became part of the ocean, pulsating through her veins
Entrenching our skins into the water’s brining zest invigorated our body and soul
We napped beneath wide, rainbow umbrellas
We rested side by side on towels infused with a fabric softener’s lilac scent
I gazed into endless ocean as I would per chance a glimpse of eternal milky way
Her depth was as great as a nebulous's eye; as speckled with color and shining saffron holes glowing
In late afternoon, when light begins to fade, we glimpsed plummy shadows against sheeths of day glow; blue whales were they
'Twas serenity
Venerated, we fixated our eyes on their silhouettes encircling our sacred realm
These mighty blue whales, flawlessly dipping into clean air and crashing back down, captured us into a spell
We awed at such a sacred performance
Their intertwining movements with the sea were like an angelic tune of many instruments hormonizing in perfect synchronization
The waters became like a salted, sweet perfume and the singing of the blue whales like delicate flutes on our ears
We cleansed our bodies with the ocean, dancing inside her waves once more
Our wounds were healed by a spiritual salve on our bodies
Biding adieu, we rested a most silent night beneath a most stary sky

One afternoon on a black sand beach in Hawaii I witnessed the breaching of a humpback whale family close to shore. Though my poem centers around the blue whale, it was an amazing experience and both these whales are fascinating. I am particularly fond of Orkas and am a huge lover of whales in general. Written April 20th 2016.

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Robert L. Martin
about 5 years

I love the way you describe the ocean and everything that lives in it (Whales) I love your metaphors.

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
about 5 years

Thank you Robert!

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