By J Ann Crowder

Of native words my tongue in English speaks, though in secret I long to write Spain
I long to sail with caballitos de mar
To admire Mediterranean blue
To sink into tides where beaches meet Asturias; there I long to climb her rugged coastline and drink her sultry air
Architecture old as bristle coned pines of Methuselah enshrine her vestiges
I long to touch bristle coned pines and see what they have seen
Alas, I long to walk the cobbled roads of Spain
Writing Spain as I marvel at Spanish mountains clinging to Spanish beaches with snowy sand, crowned by a Spanish turquoise sea(la mar de Spain the seamen call her)
I long to venture further still, from her beautiful seas to each of her shining vistas
I would admire
I could sing Spain with Berganza on Bellido’s strings of Zarzuelas
I could dream of living within the dreams of "The Tenth Muse”
To live within her golden lines, writing Spain
Painting rose gardens the color of ginger sunrises glowing afire beneath a Spanish dawning sun
Writing Spain
Thus drawing from my heart and into others' hearts
Filling bells, chiming whimsies of my soul struck
Sharing what I gaze upon, in memorable wonder, with words
Writing Spain

I'm not actually an expert on Spain or Spanish so feel free to suggest corrections if needed. Some of the names are of famous artists who were born in Spain and or of Spanish decent.

This poem is Inspired by my love of travel and seeing other countries and learning of their own unique contributions to art. I particularly love Spain. Written April 12th 2016.

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Nelson D Reyes
almost 4 years

I saw Spain in 2013, homed in Barcelona for our (wife and son) entire vacation. We drove both sides of the Pyrenees up to San Sebastián, spent overnights in two castles, washed with and drank the holy waters of the Lourdes in France, rode cable car to Du Midi Observatory. Stayed overnight at a French B and B (gorgeous, delicious French dinner and breakfasts!) right at the foot of the Pyrenees where a creek is flowing rather vigorously. French medieval houses still exist, exterior not terribly in disrepair. Drove all the way west to Burgos by way of Leon where my paternal ancestors came from who sailed to Philippines in 1827. My paternal grandfather did not speak Tagalog but we understood when he was mad and happy. Because we always hear him spoke Castilian Spanish we or at least I understood some Spanish but not speak it, a little maybe.
Yes, Ernest Hemingway loved bullfighting and Spain it is his favorite place to "savor" the blood and machismo of the gory "sport".
I loved your take on Spain Jenifer and from the short time we spent in Spain I felt an instant connection at the first sight of Barcelona and the first feel of the sands and water in the Mediterranean Sea the "La Mar de Espana". The cathedrals and castles and moorish structures are mesmerizing!
I'll stop here, have plenty more about my trip to Spain to share with you, glorious land under the sun where it also rises. FaveLove. Thank you Jenifer.

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
almost 4 years

Thank you for sharing your story! What a beautiful life you have lived. To be influenced with so much culture. No wonder you write so well.

about 5 years

My maternal grandfather was from Valencia. As a 16-year old he ran away from home, stowed away on a ship and he made to Manila. He never went back. I visited Spain once - Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, Avila and Valencia. I checked the phone book and my mother's last name was two-pages long. I didn't know where to start. Hahaha

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
about 5 years

Oh my goodness! Sounds like an amazing story. You must have a big family tree over in Spain. How fun to go there and find some of them. You certainly have your work cut out for you it sounds. That kind of work is addictive, once you find one relative you want to find them all.

Robert L. Martin
about 5 years

I love the Spanish poets, very passionate and Pablo Neruda, from Chile. Was Spain the country that Ernest Hemingway loved do much? It was my favorite country. I was in Barcelona for a couple of weeks

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
about 5 years

You are so very lucky!!! I have never been there but had a college professor from Spain. I took Spanish in college and still learned very little. I'd like to go there one day and learn more.

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