Memories from the past show me what could’ve been,
All the good things come flashing in.
Happiness spread over me until I got sick,
And all my worries began to tick.
I found out who my real friends were,
while I was looking for a cure.
I never really found one,
Surely my anxiety will never be done.
Lonely days are simply the worst,
I feel like I’ve been cursed.
I thought I had more friends than just a few,
But I found I only have two.
Thinking of how this will end makes me cry,
I feel like all my friends only lie.
There’s always one friend that will smile at me,
And she’s as beautiful as can be.
I laugh and smile so much with her,
It makes me feel like I’ve found a cure.
I know I’m not magically better,
But this friendship comforts me like a warm sweater.

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