She wanted to be beautiful to everyone.
She walked around with a smile and sunshine shining all around her.
Her vibes were so good that people couldn’t stop being around her.
She wanted to help make people happy.
She was a listener, and nothing more.
Her busy life was always put on hold when she wanted to help someone.
She wanted to lift people up.
She was always there for everyone and anyone.
Her heart was open for anyone that needed warmth.
Never once did she complain when she was going through some hard times.
She didn’t want anyone to feel like they needed to help her, or feel sorry for her.
However, this did get hard for her.
It was hard to keep some things to herself,
Especially when she wanted to get help.
She wanted to know that she was actually important to someone.
Helping others was a passion,
Because she knew what it was like to feel helpless.

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