Something He Loves

The string held back and fire in your eyes
Let go and watch the arrow fly
Listen to it sing through the wind
And the thwap as it hits it’s target
The smile stretches  across your face
Another goal achieved
Another bullseye made
I remember when you looked at me with the same fire
And you’d watch me with the same content
As you listen to my voice
You’d listen to my laugh
I remember when you’d give me the same smile
Another connection achieved
Another memory made
And I thought I was over you
Over us, over everything
I thought I was done with you
Done with your comments, done with your voice
Oh yes I was over and done!
Until I saw you doing something you loved
I remembered when you loved me that way
Now I envy that bow and arrow
It has all I have ever wanted and all I’ll ever need

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