Every post boasts what you took from me
The things you said, that you know I’d see
I check them every day
To see what stupid things you say
To check if your happier than we were
Happier than me and him are
It’s hard being happy when your numb
Compliments are bull crap romance is dumb
My relationship is just another ending that hasn’t ended yet
It always does, but this one wont hurt I bet
Because I’m immune to heart break, my heart pure stone
I’m completely cold, down to the bone
I love him but I’m used to it
That’s what happens when love is desperate
Mascara runs faster than Olympians
Once you become a “happy” again
Lots of things are not worth it after everything
After feelings turn to nothing
There is no greater cost for loving
Than the heart break, and the faking, and the hard times coming.

Kind of a stages of grief/ consequential poem about what happens after break ups

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