I thought I burned everything.
Denial expedited closure.
Now your words break through the illusion.
I find them scattered all over my room.
Burning love for closure,
seemed like a good idea.
Thoughts creep close - upon
your delusion of loving me - and
ruminations of your actions - mix
with my warped perceptions - of
all of your manipulative words - that
I cannot burn - from
the neurons in my brain - now
the neurotransmitters are released- and
I feel the expectation - of
synaptic connection - from
the frontal cortex - to
the limbic system - where
your attempts of love - should
find familiarly defined conditions - but
the neurotransmitters flood - and
the only neurons accepting - are
the ones projecting fear - and
my mind -
snaps -
mid -
thought -
as -
I -
try -
to -
steer -
my -
memories -
your attempts at loving me - to
the place they were supposed to go - in
the neurons of my brain.

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