You and me, beneath a plastic tree. It’s where we sleep and there we dream. With cardboard grass growing between our fingers, we sink deep between the earths teeth, the only place our thoughts are safe from the demons. The glass moon is hung so far away, yet it seems it’s just out of reach. You and me, sitting atop a cotton star, our feet dangling beneath us, inside the blue wooden sky. Slowly the air is splintering our barren skin, and makes us beautiful. You and me, inside a paper sea. We float on inside our imaginations, and slowly drown in each others thoughts. When we awaken, we get stolen away by the breeze of autumns sweet breath. We drift away with flowers around our necks and the smell of earth tattooed on the bottom of our feet. Tonight we are far from home, but our bodies still lay beneath the plastic tree. Just you and me, inside an imaginary universe.

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Happy Girl
over 5 years

this is so beautiful!

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