Angel (Part One)


God saw a man who was lonely. So He designed an angel just for him. When the man was the most lost, his angel appeared before him.
Fear filled the man. Then they locked eyes. Everything melted away.
“My angel... What is your name?”
“Alexandra Nicole. Call either name and I will come. Call both and I will be ready to fight.”
“Do I have to a call out your name for you to be here?”
“No. I will always be here, but I wil stay silent unless you say my name. Consent.”
They looked into each others eyes.
He stayed with his angel for many years. He loved her. He was in love with her. He loved Nicole. He craved Alexandra.
“Nicole, why don’t you love me?”
“I do. You know this.”
“You don’t /love/ me. Why?”
“I can’t.”
“Alexandra, why are you always with me?”
“I love you. I care for you very much.”
“Are you in love with me?”
“No. Are you?”
“No... I like it. It feels calm. Do you-?”
“I do. Now rest. Take care of yourself. I love you.”
“I love you too.”

Over the years I was in a really toxic relationship with a friend of mine, but I have gotten out of it. I am still struggling with figuring everything out but I have high hopes for my future.

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