Chapter Of My Deepest Concern

This chapter is not only from the past
But from the present to
And maybe even for the future
I want to talk about...
My deepest concern
And no there is not only one
But many more
But I rather not bore you
With all of them
Late at night
Even early morning
I just lay there and think
Of one of the most important things to me
Yes, I think of my parents
And of the rest of family
But sometimes
I take out time to think of those
Who aren’t related to me by blood
But I still consider them family
Because they just mean that much to me
I have my brothers
Who are the weirdest guys I have ever met
But at the end of the day
I know that they are there for me
And I know they care for me
And they know I care for them
I listen to them
And help them out as much as I can
And in return they do the same
We have each others backs
No matter what
And I cherish them
And as for my sisters... haha
Well I have a stronger connection with them
Most likely because we’re girls
And we agree on most things
But like all sisters
We do disagree
But I like that we disagree
For it would be boring
If we had everything in common
And being boring is just...
Boring haha!
I look up at them
And I cry at how happy I am
To have them in my life
And to have them by my side
Willing to help me
And me to help them
The love I have for them
I can’t even explain
For each one I love differently
Because none of them are completely the same
And that’s the best thing ever
And my deepest concern
Is that they will get so hurt
That thoughts of destruction will enter
There hearts, mind, and soul
And I know that I could not live with out my brothers and sisters
If I could
I would tell them I love and care for them everyday
But I don’t always see them
And sometimes it’s hard to get the words out
But I show my love in acts
And make sure that they know I love them
Even if I can’t get the words out
My concern is that
I will not be able to help them
And knowing I can’t help my family...
Kills me
And hurts my heart
Slowly but surely....
I know I can’t help them with everything
But I do know that I can try my best
For God put them in my life for a reason
And I will do my best to cherish them
For not everything last forever
And you never know when something or one
Might slip from your grasp
And you never know how long it will take
To get them back in your life
My deepest concern is my family
And nothing can ever replace that...

Hey hey! So this poem I put a lot of heart into because this is 110% truthful. I have a lot of people in my life that mean so much to me, and I care and love them so much. I know you guys can relate to this poem for there is always one person in your life that you love for so much that with out them you feel... empty inside? Maybe for some its different but for me I feel an empty space in my heart.

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