Caricamento in corso...



Taken everything from me
Make me feel like nothing.
Up goes my snack
Back in the trash.
Wish I could get back
On track,
But I don’t even know where to go
I’m so damn slow
To think
Yet quicker to act
On my urges
Constant purges
I tried to just numb the pain
Instead I went completely insane
Yes I’m a junkie!
So just hug me
Tell me things will be alright
I know it’s a big ol’ lie.
But at this point I’m so close
To just ending my life
Not a big surprise, is it?
I mean look at me, man
Go ahead grab my hands
Stop them shakin’
The earth quakin’
Just for me
Suffering junkie!
Yet I love it
Nothing like being numb
To the core
Ya, sure
Things are bad
But they could be worse
Of course
I could lose my horse
Hallucination, my bad
They make me kind of mad
Even though they give me fun
That I never truly had
I am a junkie
So dunk me
In your holy water
To purify my soul
Since you won’t let go
No one needs to know
Don’t let your true emotions show
If you do
They’ll come after you too
Cuz we’re junkies!

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