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How did we get to this place?
I use to know everything about you
But now it seems as though you are someone different
I wish I knew what made you change
Who made you this way?
You use to be loving and kind with me
But now you act as though you never knew me
As if we never had a history together
Now I doubt myself
I doubt all the times you said you loved me
All the times you held me close
Whispered in my ear–
“I got you. Let yourself go...”
Now if I let go
You’ll just let me fall
And laugh
How did we get here?
To this place of hate and distrust?
Did I do something wrong?
Or do you just want to cause me pain for fun?
How did we get here...
I use to know you more than anyone
And now we are so far apart
Can we not go back to the place that started it all?
I wish you knew how I felt
About you being gone for so long
But every time I plan to tell you
My throat gets caught
I use to know you so well...
But now we are forever apart

This is a vent poem. If I can get my thoughts together I will make more. I have been under a lot lately and I don't know what to do.

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