What They Want Not What They Need

Children look up to adults
And sit and wish to become one
The freedom that they have
And the places they get to go and see
Adults look down on children and smile
Wishing to go back to the days
When they ran around without a care
Not worrying about bills or taxes
The elderly look upon their children and grand kids
Wishing to be younger
And wanting to be able to go and see
The places they also wanted to see
But never got the chance too
The silly wishes of the people
When we are young we wish to be older
And when we are older we wish to be younger
It makes me laugh, does it do the same to you?
Children want more  
They want more toys
More video games
More money
They want material things that will not matter
For when you die none of that comes with you
You die and that is the end
Game over
Adults also want more
More money
Want more homes
Some even want more power
Adults work so hard to get what they want
But they never get what they need
They burn others just to help themselves
Are we not suppose to help one another?
Are we not suppose to work as a nation?
Please, tell me now if it is every man for himself
So that I may prepare to help those in need
Oh, I’m sorry did you think I’d go with what others do?
Haha, you must not have met me then
I know what it is like to be alone
To have to help yourself and it stinks
So I will help the people find what they need
For one day it may be to late
And I want to help them succeed
People want the things that they think will help them
But are blind to the one person they need
The peoples constant want
But never the constant need
One day it will hit them
And they will see their faults
I pray that they will see it soon
Before Judgement Day comes upon us

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