Say Hello... Only To Say Goodbye

One day
Two people met
Not knowing
What they would become
They met everyday
Hanging out
And talking all day
They enjoyed being together
And hated when they had to say goodbye
But they knew they would see each other again
But they did not know when that would end
They held on to the memorize they made
And always hoped that they would live to see another day
So that they could meet each other once again
And make more memorize that would stay
Day after day
Over and over
Nothing stopped them from speaking
And when they got in trouble
For seeing the other
They would laugh and smile and keep doing it
Liking became loving
Hugging became kissing
Hello’s turned into goodbyes
But the next day they would come back again
Then one day that they met
They asked each other out
And both their replies were yes
Their love became stronger
And they knew it would last even longer
For nothing was going to separate them
They next few years were filled with joy
And their love never wavered or faltered
But sadly this joyous life...
Soon came to an end...
She had to leave on day
And she didn’t know if she were able to speak with him
It brought them much sorrow
For they could not talk tomorrow
But they still stayed strong
The next day they said hello to each other
But only so they could say goodbye...

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