Hope In Our Father

We never know
What tomorrow will bring
Or if we will live
To see what tomorrow brings
We never know when someone in our life
Will go away
And if they will come back
We don’t know a lot of things
For we are just humans
And we can’t tell the future
No matter how hard we may try
Yes we can predict when a storm will come
Or when some is getting a cold
And we can do what we can to prepare for that day to come
But sometimes things change
And there is nothing we can do about it
Time can’t go backwards
We can’t resurrect people
Because that power is a gift to us
From the one and only God
There are things in our life we can’t change
But God can
All we have to do is pray
All we have to do is have hope
I heard one day
That people have lost hope
And some have
But I have seen people who haven’t
They still believe that things can change
Every time I see that I cry.
Because those people go through hell
And yet they never get upset
They stay calm
And they have hope in God
They believe that tomorrow things will be better
That God can helped them
And that they will live to see tomorrow
Hope isn’t the easiest thing to have
Yet people still are able to hold on to it
No matter what they go through
They have hope in the Father
They put everything they have into the hands of God
And they put all their hope and trust into Him
And it never falters
Having hope in man
Will only bring you heartbreak
For man cannot guarantee everything
But having hope in the Father
Will give you so much peace in your
Heart, mind, and soul
Never give up hope
For sometimes...
Hope is all you have

I once heard in a wise turtle in a movie say
"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and to day is a gift that is why it is called a present."

To me hope is one of the hardest things to have especially if you've gone through a lot of things. But I've seen people who's children, or even themselves, are going through or have gone through so much and they still hold on to hope. They still believe they will get through this.

If you ever want to see any of the videos tell me and I will put it on this poem for you. And they are pretty long (45 minutes and up) just so you know.
Hope you liked this!

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