Tell Me The Truth

And No More Lies

Don’t tell me what I wanna hear
Tell me the truth
Tell me is what I’m learning truly real
Or just a lie?
Ya, the truth hurts
And so does a lie
But I don’t know which hurts more
So for now don’t tell me anymore lies
Do you really hate me?
Do you even care for me?
Is the way you acted before
The real you
Or you in disguise?
Tell me the truth
Even though it’ll make me cry
I rather be in pain from one truth
Then a whole bunch of lies
Don’t act like you care if that’s fake
Show me the real you
Even if it kills me to know
The truth may bring tears
But so will lies
And while the truth is quick
The lies linger for a while
Rip the bandage off fast
And not slow
For the slower you go
The longer the mark takes to go away
Just tell me the truth
Don’t lie to me anymore
For the more lies you tell me
The more pain I suffer
So tell me...
Even if it’s hard to do...
For having one scar...
Is better then having much more...

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