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The Bee and The Rose


Nobody knows the truth
Nobody knows the truth about you
The story of how blue...
How blue she made you.
The story of how it goes
The bee and the rose...
For no one truly knows...
—                                          —
The bee was so happy
And so was his rose
He flee around her
Even in snow
("Never let go.")
Every day he always proved
A love that was so true
Holding on tight
("Yes he has a temper.")
He wanted her for his wife
The bee and the rose
The story no one knows...
The rose was a kind thing
Who loved to dance and sing
With the wind
She dreamed to be free
Like her bee
But sadly...
~Her roots held her down~
When the bee came to see her
A smile appeared on her face
Yes their love was forbidden
Love between disgrace....

There will be two other poems to continue this story.

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