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Masked Man


Who are you to say my name?
Decomposing the walls in my head.
You should know I hate this game.
Simply watched me as I bled.
Fall into the rabbit hole.
Down to the world, unknown.
Are you in my life to be a mole?
Listen to the crying crow.
Death knocks upon my heart.
You confuse my virgin mind.
Frustration filled me from the start.
Leave me far behind.
Masked Man, you’re really a boy.
Who’s turned my world upside down.
You are just a pretty toy.
My love for you wears a frown.
The thought of you pulls me in.
You, yourself, does nothing.
Craving you is a sin.
My love is simply crushing.
I'm sorry for being so pathetic.
No, I'm not as strong as they thought.
You have me so hectic.
Now my soul has been bought.

This poem is somewhat for a friend. She has been going through a lot and I decided to use what she has written as inspiration for this. I wanted to go ahead and take an artistic approach to what she is feeling. She also wanted a poem that rhymed so I took it as a personal challenge to do so.

I have rhymed in previous poems, however, I always use the same rhyme with each stanza (which is the poetry word for paragraph). I know a few of these do share the same rhyme, but if you notice the first and third line rhyme with one another. The second and fourth share the rhyme.

I believe there is a specific name for this poetry but I cannot remember it right now. I hope that you enjoy this! :)

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