The Constant Yearn

When they speak
His heart becomes warm
When they laugh
He wishes they were more
Everyday when they set the time
He waits for her to come
Even if it takes her a hour
He doesn’t care
Because she is worth it to him
They talk for hours on end
They even stay up for one another
Even though they’re both exhausted
When they finally decide to leave each other
He replays the conversation in his head
And laughs at the things they said
He holds on to those times of joy
For he wants to make them last
But he feels a yearning inside of him
A want that nags him
His heart is yearning for her love
But he is afraid to tell her
For he fears she will not feel the same
What will he do?
What should he do?
Will he ever know what he wants to know?
He hopes she loves him back
And he would be heartbroken if she did not feel the same
But at least they could still be friends
She stays awake a while longer
Thinking about what they had said
She knew that something was wrong
For he was acting different
But she did not know what it was
She stayed up all night trying to think about what it was
But she it did not hit her until she fell asleep
She dreamed that she was with him
And he held out his hand to her
He took her places she’d never been before
And they laughed and were joyful as they spend time together
What happened in the dream was so sweet
For they were in love
But they did not know what the other thought
So they both had a yearning for each other
But neither one was brave enough to show it
When she awoke she felt a pain in her heart
For she knew she wouldn’t be able to talk to him for a while
But she knew that if she went out
Time would pass by and they would see each other once again
Much later that day they met up
And they both gave each other a hug
They hug out for the rest of the day
As they held hands
They knew what they felt for each other
Was more then they imagined
They knew that they loved each other
And together they would be
But of course this all wasn’t real
The girl only liked the boy
And she didn’t know if he liked her back
She waits for him
She is like a love sick puppy
And he has no idea of how she feels
She doesn’t know if she loves him or not
For she can’t love him but she wants to so much
And he can’t love her
For the world would always judge
They have a forbidden love
Well, they would have one
If the boy felt the same way
But that is a mystery
And we may never know
But I tell you this dear reader
If the girl and the boy
Ever some how get together
I will tell you their story
And I promise you that I will

Ok so I know this is a sappy love poem and before I made one saying how I was confused about love. Truthfully I am confused, but that's more for myself rather then others. The reason I make these love stories is so that I can get my "romantic" side out because I don't show that side of me at all.
And the reason I made their happily ever after ending be fake is because I hate the fact that all disney movies or even any fairytale movies have a happy ending. And if you've seen 'Maleficent' you know what I'm talking about. The greatest bad gal in history and she isn't even as much of a badass as she could be.

I don't agree with happy ever after endings because little girls get this dream that they'll find their one and only prince and when they get dumped they act like the world is ending. I know I may seem cold hearted but that's my opinion.

I hope you guys/gals liked this poem even though it wasn't the happiest one ever. see ya!

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