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The Song(s) I Sing

I sing my song
When I am alone
For I fear people will hate it
My voice can be sweet
But the words can be sour
And I rather just sing in the shower
I sing my song
When I feel forgotten
I sing my song
When I feel like I’m a disappointment
To everyone around me
I can sing a happy tune
About romance and no pain
Or I can sing a sad one
Where everyone goes insane
I can sing a song
About mad people
Who hold so much pain
I can sing about anything
And for that I am glad
Music is the only way
I stay sane
If I went without it
The damage affects my brain
I slowly go insane...
I sing my song
To those who are kind enough to hear
I sing my song
To those who shed tears
I sing my songs to help those
Who are lost and forgotten
Like me...

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