Caricamento in corso...



Do you think of me while I think of you?
Or does my mind just fill with fantasies to make up the time?
If only I knew how you truly felt...
Even if it hurts me I think I want to hear it.
Just so that I can get this over with.
Is it terrible to wish that I didn’t like you sometimes?
It is simply that the thought of you...
Sometimes makes me want to cry.
Maybe if I stopped comparing you to the rest,
I could sleep.
Getting hurt two times has made my heart incomplete.
“Will you hurt me like the others?
Will you treat me just the same?
Will I be able to be near you?
Will I be able to still love?”
So many questions go into my mind.
Too many thoughts, and not enough time.
I play my music loud just to shut it all out.
For maybe... Just maybe...
The voices will shut their mouths.

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