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Chaotic Thoughts


One thought.
A million voices.

—I like her—
“She doesn’t like you back.”
“Maybe she does! You never know!”
“You’re not a real boy. She doesn’t.”
“Why not just think about her all the time?”
“Yes! There is no harm in falling even more in love with her.”

—I know that but that doesn’t mean anything...-
“Yes. She could like you.”
“I mean it isn’t like you could date her anyway.”
“What if you kissed her? Oh man! You would blush so hard.”
“What if she dated someone? Would you help her out, even if it killed you?”
“No! Then we would have to tell her, right? I mean it would kill us.”
“She almost did when she said she was going out.”
“Our hearts broke for you.”

—Can you guys quiet down, please?—
“Shh! He asked politely.”
“Just think about her! It is ok to think, as long as it doesn’t turn into actions.”
“We should think about the things that she has said. Especially the things that made your heart stop beating.”
“Of course not in the good manner, hahaha!”
“As much as she helps your heart feel good, the love you feel is toxic. She fixes your heart then drills a hole in it.”

—For the love of God, please shut up! I blast my music just so I don’t have to hear your horrible  words. I know that she drives us crazy, but whatever. Sooner or later I will get hurt, and it will all be over. So shut up!-


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