We Are Trees

We are all tress within God’s garden
We are supposed to stand up tall for God
Spread His Word across the land
Do His will and not ours
But just going out and preaching is not enough
We must act like Him too
For how we act is how people see us
If we act like God people will know we are a child of God
If we act evil people will think we are a child of the devil
Now within the garden there is a tree of wickedness
This tree is called pride.
And on its branches are jealousy, greed, hatred, anger, and frustration.
It has fruit that is rotten and decayed.
When that fruit falls down it decays even more until its’ seeds are left
These seeds spread around and start to grow into others
People get affected by hatred and anger.
Some let this take over them and they grow twisted and broken inside
They become a tree of wickedness and are corrupted from the roots up
Will you let them infect you
Or will you stay strong through all the trails and tribulations?
The choice is yours and yours only.
But remember this: You do not have to go through it alone for God is by your side

In my bible class today we were talking about pride and how it was like a tree and I brought up the point that the branches were hate anger etc. And how it had fruit that was rotten and decayed and things like that so my teacher told me to make it into a poem.

This is true though.
Now a days people go through a lot of things like stress and anxiety.
We weren't meant to go through this emotions, but because of God's mercy He helps us get through these things. :)

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